Festival Seminars

Our Seminars are led by professional leaders in the wine and craft beer industries and are conveniently held on our Festival grounds under one of our roofed shelters. There you will experience a private tasting of five or more selected wines, sparkling wines or handcrafted brews. Choose one Seminar, or all three, and not only will your day at the festival be even more memorable, but you will dazzle your friends with your newly acquired knowledge!

Uncovering the Mystery of Sparkling Wine

Ever wondered what the difference is between sparkling wine and champagne? What about cava and prosecco? Simon Kaufmann, Beverage Director of the Blue Point and certified sommelier, will teach you all about sparkling wines. You will sample five wines and learn what makes each one unique.

This seminar begins at 1PM.

General Admission attendees may purchase tickets to this seminar and be in a little early!

Wines and Hard Cider from the Russian River Valley by Virginia Dare Winery

Explore the Russian River Valley where the grapes for Virginia Dare Winery’s Pinot Noir and Chardonnay Reserve wines are grown.  The vineyards in this area were originally planted by Russian traders and the vines here produce many fabulous wines…but why this area?  And why can Gravenstein apples, fairly unique to Northern California, be grown in the same vineyards to produce hard apple cider?  What makes this area so flavorful?  Learn about this area and taste its many flavors.

This seminar begins at 2:30PM.

Taking the Mystery out of the Craft Beer Aisle

Find shopping for craft beer confusing?  It doesn’t have to be.  Join John Minnich, Proprietor and Beermonger for TRiO in Kitty Hawk, to learn some of the basics of beer styles.  We’ll do some tasting and explore the flavor profiles of various beers to help you understand and answer questions like:  What’s the difference between ales and lagers?  What does the color of beer tell us about it?  What are sour beers? – and more.  A good time will be had by all, and you’ll feel a little more confident the next time you mix a six-pack!

This seminar begins at 4:00PM.