Live Entertainment

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2019 Live Entertainment by:

Jessica Hudson & Thorne Wiggs

Jessica Hudson and Thorne Wiggs create an unlikely pairing, exhibiting a laid back yet captivating musicality guaranteed to pique your interest and leave your relaxed in the same moment. Balancing bold covers and smooth renditions of classic songs, Jessica and Thorne complement each other stylistically and bring a nuance to their music that makes the songs we all know and love a little more interesting. Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, Amy Winehouse, and Stevie Wonder are just a few of the names in their repertoire.


Joe Mapp & the Coordinates

Jazz guitarist Joe Mapp helped cultivate a musical environment on this strip of sand, an environment in which musicians at every level flourish. While Mapp continues to create and teach and play gigs up and down the Outer Banks, he can be found playing most Mondays with the Coordinates at Art’s Place, and September 28 at The Lost Colony Wine & Culinary Festival Grand Tasting.